Renovating Old Swimming Pools

Renovating Old Swimming Pools
Renovate an old, water leaking pool by lining stainless steel sheets, or for the one leaks due to galvanized corrosion or other reasons, a solution is to stick aluminum sheets to the bottom of the pool.
Renovating Old Concrete Swimming Pool
AQUA PRODUCT makes an old concrete pool as good as new without changing the deck-side height while improving waterproofing and durability. The built-in circulation ducts help facilitate hooking up with existing equipment.
Renovating Aging Aluminum Swimming Pool
The new aluminum bottom sheets are laid down over the old, corroded sheets with isolation sheets sandwiched between. The isolation sheets along welded seams are protected with heat-safe tapes to prevent from burning off. Major advantages of this renovation method are shorter working period and lower cost without rebuilding the entire pool.
AQUA PRODUCT is a leading swimming pool designer/builder in Japan with over 40 years experience and more than 6,000 successful installation records.
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