Tiled Stainless Steel Swimming Pool

Tiled Stainless Steel Swimming Pool
High grade swimming pool good for refreshing time. Ceramic tile adds fashionable and gorgeous looking on the top of superb impermeability and durability of stainless steel pool.
No Concern about Water Leakage
Unlike conventional tiled pools, stainless steel pool body is highly durable and corrosion resistant, which eliminates concerns about water leakage caused by cracks. Further, the stainless steel body itself is robust and relatively light-weight, so you can install one any place you want it, even upper floor or rooftop.
High Quality Durable Ceramic Tile
Prepared specifically for use with swimming pools, high quality ceramic tile keeps beautiful surface over a long period of time. Ceramic tile feels nice with little fading and abrasion.
AQUA PRODUCT is a leading swimming pool designer/builder in Japan with over 40 years experience and more than 6,000 successful installation records.
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